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To empower people and communities to improve health and social care services together

Care home life - what it's really like

Do you know anyone who is a resident of a care home in Sunderland?

We want to hear what it's like!

Initial research undertaken by Independent Age and Healthwatch Camden indicates that there is a need to provide qualitative information that goes beyond basic safety standards around local care homes. It shows that the information needed by people looking for a suitable care home, should provide a real sense of what a home may be like to live in.

As a result Healthwatch Sunderland have now started out visits to all 47 care homes currently available to older people across Sunderland. The complete results will be published to enable members of the public to make more informed choices when considering which care home to move into for themselves or their relatives.

To enable this, 8 indicators have been devised to be used and will focus specifically on issues of quality, rather than safety, such as how much residents and family can have a say in how the home is run, and whether residents are able to pursue their hobbies etc.

The 8 indicators are:

1. A strong visible management
2. Staff with time and skills to do their jobs
3. Good knowledge of each individual resident and how their needs may be changing
4. A varied programme of activities
5. Quality, choice and flexibility around food and mealtimes
6. Ensuring residents can regularly see health professionals such as GPs, dentists, opticians or chiropodists
7. Accommodate resident's personal, cultural and lifestyle needs
8. Provide an open environment where feedback is actively sought and used.

So if you live in a care home in Sunderland or know someone who does you can share your views and experiences by calling (0191) 514 7145 or email healthwatchsunderland@pcp.uk.net

Click on the 'our report' link below for further information.  Please note any surveys received after the reports have been published have not been included in the final report.

Coalfield - Copt Hill - Hetton - Houghton - Shiney Row

Dairy LaneElizabeth Fleming Care HomeSpringfield HouseThe Mews

Dairy Lane Care Centre

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Elizabeth Fleming

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Springfield House

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The Mews

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Valley View                                                                                                                  

Valley View & The Lodge

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Sunderland East - Doxford - Hendon - Millfield - Ryhope - St Michael's

Thorncliffe House Ryhope Manor

Belle Vue House

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St Mark's Nursing Home

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Thorncliffe House

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 Ryhope Manor

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Sunderland North - St Peter's - Fulwell - Southwick - Redhill - Castle

  Bryony Park Highcliffe Care Centre Princess House

 Alexandra View Care Centre

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Bryony Park Nursing Home

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Highcliffe Care Centre

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 Princess House

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Sunderland West - Barnes - Pallion - Sandhill - Silksworth - St Anne's - St Chad's

Cedar HouseThe Croft Care Home  

Cedar House

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The Croft 

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Donwell HouseWashington Grange   

Donwell House

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Washington Grange

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