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To empower people and communities to improve health and social care services together

Information Champion

We’re looking for Information Champions.  Interested?


Healthwatch wants to recruit a strong local network of Information Champions  who will support our engagement work in communities by channelling the views of local people, and telling us what matters to people who use health and social care services.

They will be committed to improving health and social care services and be willing to support and promote the work of Healthwatch within their community.

They will also signpost local people to the Healthwatch Information & Signposting Service for information on health and care services and on how to complain about services.

Main tasks / responsibilities

Some Information Champions will undertake the full range of tasks. Others may choose to only carry out certain roles and/or to specialise in particular areas where they have specific skills or have a special interest.

  • Tell people about Healthwatch - what we are and what we do and encourage individuals and organisations to sign up as members of Healthwatch
  • Distribute Healthwatch information and promote Healthwatch events and activities to local people
  • Promote the Healthwatch Information & Signposting service
  • Assist the Healthwatch staff team to gather views of local people
  • Support the Healthwatch staff team at events and in promoting the work of Healthwatch
  • Be the eyes and ears of the local community, sharing people’s views and experiences with the Healthwatch team  
  • Where appropriate and with the agreement of Healthwatch, attend meetings, events and groups as a Healthwatch participant or representative
  • Provide feedback from groups and events attended on behalf of Healthwatch

NB Information Champions authorised to represent Healthwatch in a formal capacity at meetings will be suitably briefed by staff, provided with the necessary paperwork and debriefed after the meeting.

In addition Information Volunteers will be expected to:

  • Comply with the Healthwatch Code of Conduct and relevant policies
  • Be able to commit the time required to deliver the role effectively
  • Attend meetings and review/support sessions as required
  • Participate in required training and undertake DBS checks where required
  • Where appropriate, work alongside and support other local Information Champions
  • Keep an accurate record of out of pocket expenses and submit them monthly.

Desirable skills, knowledge and personal qualities

Ideally people will:

  • Have a knowledge of and interest in their local area
  • Have an interest in health and social care issues and a commitment to improving local services
  • Have a commitment to helping local people have a voice
    • Have empathy and the ability to develop a good rapport with individuals and groups
    • Have good listening and verbal communication skills
    • Be non judgemental  
    • Value people as individuals, respecting difference and diversity
    • Have enthusiasm and a positive, proactive approach
    • Be well organised and able to follow guidance and instructions
    • Have basic literacy skills, for instance be able to make notes
    • Be able to work within a team.

If you would like to find out more we are offering training sessions for anyone who would like to find out more about Healthwatch and our Information Champion role.

To book a place telephone us on 0191 514 7145 or use our contact form.


Information Champion Role Descriptor