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**We are still available during the COVID-19 outbreak but we may take a little longer to get back to you**

Hospital care during COVID-19 - reassurance from South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust


South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust want to reassure the public that the NHS is still here for you and you should continue to attend any appointments and planned care as advised. Whilst we have seen rising cases of COVID-19 in our communities and our hospitals, they continue to provide safe care for all patients who go into the Trust. They have very strict infection control procedures with all of their staff wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) when caring for patients and they routinely test all patients for COVID-19 on admission and before their planned care. Patients going in for planned care are not treated in the same areas as those with COVID-19 and they have separate treatment pathways and areas for COVID and non-COVID patients.
The Trust have a lot of information on their website (here) for patients going into the hospital for planned care. This includes patient information leaflets and video from some of our consultants.
Advice to patients:
South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust have a number of measures in place to keep you safe during your planned care and treatment with them. Please help their teams by following their simple advice below to minimise the risk of COVID-19:

  • You must wear a face covering or face mask when attending the hospital or community clinics. This should cover your mouth and nose and you will need to keep this on throughout your visit.
  • Do not go if you develop symptoms of COVID-19. Call them and let them know so they can re-arrange your planned appointment, test or operation.
  • Please attend your appointment alone if it is safe to do so. If you need to be accompanied this must be with only one other person. Children should be accompanied by one adult only. The person accompanying you must not have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use the hand sanitiser on arrival and regularly throughout your visit.
  • Please adhere to social distancing and keep at least a 2 metre distance between you and other people at all times where possible and follow any guidance given by our staff.
  • Please arrive promptly for your allocated appointment time to help them facilitate social distancing in their waiting rooms.
  • Their staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). There is no need to be alarmed. This is to protect both you and them.
  • If you were asked to shield, or have been identified as being at high risk please let their staff know so they can take extra precautions to keep you safe.



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