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**We are still available during the COVID-19 outbreak but we may take a little longer to get back to you**

Integrated health and care – inviting communities and individuals to have their say


In the journey towards becoming an integrated care system, a series of engagement roadshows will be taking place up, down and across our region this autumn, starting 7 October.

The NHS Integrated Care System would like to hear from as many people as possible - including staff, patients, visitors, carers and members of the public - about their views on health and social care, in particular their plans to:

  1. Improve population health and prevent ill health by increasing public awareness about living more healthily, by tackling the biggest causes of early death and continuing to reduce tobacco and alcohol consumption.
  2. Improve the quality and sustainability of local health services by working with clinical teams, across organisational boundaries, to develop services which give equal access to safe, effective, high quality care and the best possible health outcomes.
  3. Improve how we use technology to deliver more efficient, effective services and transform outpatient care by helping people make appointments, manage prescriptions and view health records online to reduce unnecessary visits to hospital or other services.
  4. Improve the health, wellbeing and sustainability of the NHS workforce by ensuring staff have the skills and support they need, while developing collective recruitment, retention and training to facilitate working differently and more flexibly, making the region a great place to work.
  5. Improve access and standards of mental health care by better coordination and consideration of the connections between physical and mental health, supporting people with severe, enduring mental illness and providing better support for children and young people.
  6. Improve access and standards of care for people with learning disabilities so that more people can live in the community, with the right support close to home and enjoy the best possible outcomes.

At the roadshows, people will be able to share what makes them proud of the NHS, where they would like to see improvements, what concerns them the most about the future of the health service and any specific local issues they have queries or concerns about.

People who cannot attend a roadshow, can complete a short online survey to share their views.

Life expectancy for people in the north east and north Cumbria remains amongst the poorest in England and we have some of the starkest health inequalities, with high levels of preventable disease and early death. At the roadshows, people will also be urged to play their part in helping the NHS by:

  • Taking more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing
  • Having a flu jab if they need one
  • Quitting smoking
  • Becoming more active
  • Keeping NHS appointments or cancelling them
  • Choosing the right NHS service and keeping emergency services free for those who need to access them most.

A full list of roadshow dates, venues and times is available here.

I hope you can join them at one of the roadshows and promote the dates in your organisation and networks, so we can reach as many people as possible.

More information is available via the Join our Journey website.



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