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Offer £5,200 grants to nursing students and ramp up overseas recruitment to stop NHS workforce crisis


A radical expansion of nurse training, with cost-of-living grants of £5,200 a year and a tripling in the number of people training as postgraduates, is among a set of urgent measures that a new report says are needed to prevent the health and care workforce crisis from worsening dramatically.

Experts from the Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund and the Health Foundation calculate that these solutions can only be fully implemented if there is a £900 million increase in the annual budget for training and developing health care workers in England by 2023/24.

Closing the gap focuses on nursing and general practice, where shortages are especially acute. On nursing, it concludes that even with grants, the expansion of postgraduate training, bringing 5,000 more students onto nursing courses each year and actions to stop nurses leaving the NHS, the gap cannot be entirely filled domestically by 2023/24. 

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