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Your right to receive information in a format you can understand


During a meeting with members of the general public a couple of months ago we spoke to one lady with a learning disability who was so pleased that she had received her invitation of breast screening in an easy read format.  She told us this made her feel more confident about going along for her screening appointment as she felt she understood the process and what was going to happen at the appointment.

recently we met this lady again and she had later received a letter, which was not in easy read, which she had to wait all day for a relative to return home to read to her, which stated that she needed a follow up appointment at the Breast Clinic at The Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital.

She described the anxiety and disappointment she felt at not receiving letter in a format she could read and understand herself.

One of our team contacted the QE Breast Clinic to explain this situation and ask whether this had been an error or if in deed an easy read follow up letter did not exist.

She were informed that although the Breast Clinic do have a range of easy read letters for differnet situations, they do not have one for follow up appointments when an potential issue needs to be checked at the clinic.  The QE representative then went on the say that this would be followed up with their contact within Public Health who supply them with easy ready documentation. 

The Healthwatch staff member followed up on this conversation last week and was told that the issue had been raised with Public Health and is on the agenda for a Nurse Group Meeting at the end of November.

We're not going to let this drop - so watch this space!



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