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Bunions/Minor Foot Problems

We were visiting a local men’s group where they met and had a conversation with a gentleman who was in constant pain with a bunion, he asked if we could find out if a bunion operation was available on the NHS. 

We contacted NHS Sunderland Commissioning Group (CCG) on his behalf; they gave us the following information which was passed on to the gentleman in question.

Referral for surgery for minor foot problems will only be considered when the following
criteria are met:

The patient has been referred to a podiatrist and conservative management has failed
(Including avoiding high heels, exercises, applying ice, non-surgical treatment).

And -The patient suffers from severe deformity that causes significant functional impairment
(Including inability to fit adequate footwear).

OR - The patient suffers from severe pain that causes significant functional impairment.

OR - There is recurrent or chronic ulceration due to the deformity.

OR - There is recurrent or chronic bursitis or tendinitis at the first metatarsal head due to
        the deformity.

This gentleman was very pleased with the information received which he duly took along to his GP who is happy to refer him for the treatment he needs.

He said; “Thanks for helping me with information on the bunion operation, since you gave me the criteria for the operation I have gone back to my GP and he has agreed to forward for the operation, that’s great.”

Find full information on the CCG website

Published 20.08.2019


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