Carers-ID Research Project

Take part in a project about the impact of COVID-19 on carers of loved ones with severe disabilities and/or learning disability
A mother with her son and daughter in a park

Sunderland People First are currently participating in some important work with Queen’s University Belfast on research about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on parents/carers of family members with severe disabilities and/or learning disability.

Sunderland People First/Carers-ID Project would like to take part in a focus group to gain your views on this topic.

They want to understand what your experiences of the pandemic have been and ultimately create a programme to support its impact on you.

The focus group should last around one hour and will be held via an online platform. This work is being undertaken by a team of researchers from across the UK and Ireland, including Queen’s University Belfast, The University of Glasgow, Trinity College Dublin, University of Sheffield and The University of South Wales.

Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary, and if you start and then decide you don’t want to continue your participation, that’s fine.

Once you have confirmed interest you will be contacted by email to give you an information sheet about the project. The information sheet will tell you more about the project and tell you who you should contact if you require further information. You can decide whether you want to take part then. 

Participants will receive a £20 gift voucher in thanks of their time.

If you would prefer, you can view the video recording of this invitation here:

You can view a video recording of further participant information at the following link:

How to register

If you want to register for this project or want more information please contact:

Dr Trisha Forbes


Samantha Jamieson, Sunderland People First


Download the Carers-ID flyer