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So how do I change my GP?

We are getting more people asking us how to change their GP Practice.  Recently, during an engagement session, we met Sarah who had been growing increasingly unhappy with her GP practice, but didn’t know where to start when it came to changing to a difference practice.

We told Sarah that the first thing she should do is visit the GP surgery she would like to join and ask them if she can register as a new patient.  There would be a registration form to complete and she would probably need to attend a new patient appointment with one of the practice’s clinicians.   Finally an internal request will be made to her current GP for her medical records to be transferred to the new GP surgery.

Sarah was worried that a new practice would want to know why she wanted to change.  We informed her that this shouldn’t be the case and that there is no reason why she should have to share this information with a potential new practice or tell her old practice her reason for leaving. 

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Published 06.11.2019


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