March 2023

Young Carers Action Day

Community events
Wednesday 15th March, 2023

About this event

Young Carers Action Day is an annual event, organised by Carers Trust.

Young Carers Action Day aims to raise awareness of young carers and the incredible contribution they make to their families and local communities.

This year's theme is 'Make time for young carers'. 

Make Time for Young Carers’ highlights two things that are really important for young carers:

  • the need for professionals and responsible adults to make more time to listen to young carers explain the challenges they face as young carers, so they can better understand the support young carers actually need.
  • Once they understand the sort of support that’s required, responsible adults then need to make time to put that support in place.

Contact details

Join the conversation online using #YoungCarersActionDay or visit the Carers Trust's website for more information. 

You can also find resources to help you get involved on the Carers Trust's website. 

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