Sunderland Strength and Balance programme

Sunderland Strength and Balance Programme
March 2023 – December 2023
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A City-wide delivery, as agreed by Ageing well Board, to support residents to improve their strength and balance to reduce falls

Strength and Balance programme is an evidence based (OTAGO) exercise program, funded by Sunderland City Council for people who live in Sunderland. This exercise program targets vulnerable, mildly, and moderately frail over 55s who have a history of falls and/or fear of falling with the key aim of improving their independence and confidence and reduce falls, whilst promoting ‘Healthy Ageing’ and a lifelong participation in exercise and activity.

Referral Criteria:

  • Motivated to improve and committed to attend a 14-week exercise class in a group setting alongside weekly home exercises
  • Aged 55 years+ and live in Sunderland
  • History of falls or near misses, fear of falling or reduced confidence, identified as having strength and balance deficits
  • Identified as either vulnerable, mildly frail, or moderately frail (Rockwood Clinical Frailty Score 4-6).
  • Identified as having strength and balance deficits
  • Able to mobilise independently with aids (3 or 4 wheeled walker/stick) or unaided
  • Able to sit to stand from a chair using arms independently
  • Able to stand for several minutes at a time, with or without support (such as holding onto a chair, if required)
  • Medically stable and in control of any long-term conditions they may have
  • Timed up and go test: between 14 and 25 seconds

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Moderate/severe aortic stenosis
  • AAA inoperable
  • Recent injurious fall without medical examination
  • Uncontrolled angina
  • Resting SBP >180mmHg or resting DBP >100mmHg
  • Uncontrolled Postural hypotension or Symptomatic drop in BP during exercise
  • Tachycardia >100 bpm
  • Acute systemic illness
  • Unstable or acute heart failure
  • Advanced Parkinson’s disease
  • Visual or vestibular disturbances
  • Uncontrolled Pain
  • Cognitive impairment

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