About Youthwatch Sunderland

Youthwatch Sunderland is a new youth voice group to shine a spotlight on the health and care issues that face children and young people across Sunderland. We combine traditional youth work practices with creativity, technology, and youth leadership, to create an exciting and engaging program for local young people to act as community ambassadors and support our projects and campaigns on children and young people’s health topics.


Should you wish to inquire about volunteering with us please

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Group of young volunteers smiling at the camera

Why volunteer with us?

  • demonstrate initiative and‘outside the box’ thinking for your personal statement
  • learn about current health and social care issues
  • improve communication skills, both written and verbal n contribute as part of a diverse team
  • champion health issues affecting young people
  • get involved in patient centred research
  • support and speak up for more vulnerable members of society
  • Develop important skills such as communication, team work, and project management (which look great on a CV or Uni application!)
  • Youthwatch also offers the opportunity to gain work experience.