A guide to Lynch Syndrome

Understanding Lynch Syndrome: a new health information guide from The Eve Appeal
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Today The Eve Appeal launched a new information guide on Lynch Syndrome.

Lynch syndrome is an inherited condition that increases your risk of developing some cancers, including bowel, womb and ovarian cancer. It is caused by an alteration in one of five different genes. It is estimated that around 1 in every 250 people has Lynch syndrome, although up to 95% may not be aware of it.

Having Lynch syndrome does not mean the person will have or will get cancer, it just means they have an increased risk over their lifetime of developing it compared to someone without Lynch syndrome. Many people with Lynch syndrome live a normal life; however, being diagnosed with it does carry important considerations – for individuals and families - and can open up important options when it comes to reducing your risk of cancer or detecting it at the earliest stage.

The guide has been made to support anyone offered genetic testing for Lynch syndrome, whether they have been diagnosed with a related cancer, or a close family member has been diagnosed with Lynch syndrome. It was created with input from experts, people with Lynch syndrome and their Ask Eve nurses.

The guide explains:

  • what Lynch syndrome is, and the potential cancer risks associated with it
  • how genetic testing works
  • living with Lynch syndrome including surveillance for cancer
  • telling your family and understanding your risk, and
  • key symptoms of cancer to be aware of


Lynch Syndrome Patient Guide