Alcohol Causes Cancer campaign launched

New film highlights information gap around alcohol and cancer
A glass of alcohol

A new film with members of the North East public has revealed a worrying information gap that alcohol is a direct cause of seven types of cancer with the risks starting at low levels.

Balance went out onto the North East streets for the launch of the “Alcohol Causes Cancer” campaign and found surprise and shock around the fact that alcohol is a direct cause of at least seven types of cancer, including breast, bowel, mouth and throat cancer. Surveys have previously found only 1 in 3 people in the North East are aware that alcohol causes cancer.

The campaign comes after warnings from Cancer Research UK (1) that over half a million people in the UK can expect to develop cancer by the year 2040. Nearly half of people in the North East (47%) and 6/10 men are now drinking enough alcohol to raise their risk of cancer.

The World Health Organisation also warned in January there is “no safe amount” of alcohol for health with the risks starting from the first drop (2) but the risks don’t stop there. Being overweight also puts people who drink alcohol at three times more risk of an alcohol related cancer (3).

People are being encouraged to visit for advice to cut down and to find local alcohol support.

This video hears from people across the North East to find out just how much they knew about alcohol and its links to cancer.

“I wasn’t aware of how many types of cancer that alcohol causes. I was aware of liver problems and stuff but it is frightening.”