Report on Call for Evidence: Elderly Hospital Care, Hospital Discharge & Dementia Identification

This report covers the findings that the Healthwatch Sunderland staff found around concerns over hospital discharge, elderly hospital care and dementia identification.
Healthwatch Sunderland report front cover, nurse looking at elderly patient


A major national review into the care provided to people living with dementia by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found an unacceptable gap in the quality of care that means people are at risk of experiencing poor care as they move between care homes and hospitals.

Healthwatch Sunderland Board discussed both the national picture and the local emerging issues around this issue and agreed to conduct further intelligence gathering as part of our annual work plan.

During the period July-October 2014, a series of activity was carried out by the Healthwatch Sunderland staff to collect and analyse direct feedback from the Sunderland community.


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Elderly hospital care, hospital discharge & dementia identification - October 2014

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