Getting social care right starts with good information and advice

Would you know where to turn for social care support? New polling finds over 40% of people don’t. This confusion can result in people not getting the care they need.
Woman talking to a man in a wheelchair

Adult social care services help people with the practical support they might need to live independently. Many people benefit from social care support in different ways, including older people, those living with a physical or learning disability, and those who need short-term help after a stay in hospital.

In England, local authorities are responsible for providing their communities with information and advice about local social care services. They also organise and support care for those unable to fund it themselves, and can organise care services for self-funding individuals who may require assistance to do so.

This care can change people’s lives. But Healthwatch England's latest findings show that people don’t always know where to turn for help. And when they do access services, they’re not always fully supported.

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