Improving access to baby formula for those families in need

Thanks to feedback from a local charity who supports those families most in need we were able to support services to introduce emergency provisions plan to address the issue.
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A local charity, Love, Amelia contacted us after receiving requests to support babies who were without baby formula due to families being unable to afford it.

Love, Amelia informed us that despite ensuring families are aware of the Healthy Start scheme, many families were still unable to subsidise the remaining costs needed to buy formula for their children. With no plan for emergency provision of formula, and foodbanks no longer distributing formula for children, many babies were going hungry.

As a result, we agreed to research what alternative provision could be made by services locally. 

What difference did this make

After several phone calls we were able to navigate the correct service who could implement change and by raising the issues with the local Public Health team, the team were then able to work with the Local Authority to implement a crisis plan to ensure families can access baby formula 24/7.

Families who are in crisis and without access to formula, should contact their Health Visitor, Social Worker or other professional supporting them.